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Our Gallery of Students & Classes

It was a real pleasure to work with the team at WAMY Community Action Inc. for the OSHA 30 Construction Class over the past couple of weeks.  I feel honored to be able to help this group.  They work to help struggling families and individuals in our communities.  We should all be more like this organization or volunteer to assist them with some of their projects.  I am amazed the way this group works together and truly cares about our community. 


New Miner Training at Short Mountain Silica

Loving all the new miner training.  It is exciting to see so many people joining the industry for the first time.


Call if you are in need of new miner or annual refresher training.

Staying late for a safety meeting at Grassy Creek Construction.  Great company to work for!!

Angela Poston, Instructor

Recent "Tool Talks" at Phillips Grading have covered topics like Hazcom, Blood Borne Pathogens and Emergency Evacuation:

Short Mountain Silica Students
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